Contract Services

Basic Water Main Flushing in a Distribution System

Instead of water flowing out of fire hydrants and running to waste, the NO-DES process utilizes a trailer mounted pumping, filtering and re-chlorinating system which circulates the water within the water distribution system. The NO-DES unit is connected with large hoses between two fire hydrants, which creates a temporary loop in the water distribution system. A pump on the unit circulates water at prescribed velocities where it is passed through a series of filters which remove intentionally stirred up sediment and particulate matter, including bio-film.

Disinfectant can be added to further improve water quality and ensure its safety, something current methods cannot achieve. Inline turbidity meters indicates when desired clarity levels are met, taking the guess work out of knowing when the flushing has achieved its purpose. The result is improved water quality, increased disinfectant residuals, conservation of two vital natural resources – water and the energy it took to pump and produce it – all at a lower cost without taking the value of the saved water into account! Since very little water is lost with the NO-DES Process, NPDES issues are eliminated. Additionally, the flushing can be done by a crew of 2-3 operators, typically doesn’t require that any sections of the distribution system be valved off, and there is no pressure loss in the system.

Contract Flushing

NO-DES currently offers flushing services on a contract basis. If you would like to schedule a demonstration in your distribution system or a long term flushing program we can tailor a program to your needs.