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NO-DES Technology Removed Heavy Buildups of Iron and Manganese

Las Cruces, NM | 2012

Discovered that NO-DES Technology Removed Heavy Buildups of Iron and Manganese – While performing NO-DES Contract flushing in Las Cruces NM (2012); Their issue was that their service corps were plugging up with an thick iron/manganese concentration (found in one general area), and that they couldn’t remove it with conventional hydrant flushing techniques.  After successfully flushing the first street, a supervisor (Gary Rivera) didn’t believe that we were removing all of the gunk from inside the water main (even though the filters were loading up 100% each flushing run); so he ordered his crews to come in behind us and hot tap a valve into the 8″ AC main (just to observe the coupon).  The coupon came out pristine clean (see attached pic), and the management was very pleased with the NO-DES performance.  The second pic is of a used (loaded) standard #2 filter bag, one micron absolute; full of the manganese, etc. that we removed.

NO-DES Technology Removed Heavy Concentrations of Sand

Las Cruces, NM | 2013

While again performing NO-DES contract flushing in Las Cruces NM (2013); The city water dept had a water well casing fail (at one of their well stations), while we were flushing on the opposite side of town.  They had hundreds of customers complaining about sand in a subdivision right next to the well site.  City water crews had tried hydrant flushing to waste, over five million gallons of water attempting to remove the sand packed inside the mains (with little success).  The supervisor asked if our NO-DES technology would remove the sand – they were desperate and out of ideas – I told them that the NO-DES equipment was designed just for that kind of problem!  We set-up and flushed all day (and into the night), and removed over 10,000 lbs of sand before we were finished – (people that lived in the area were coming out to tell us how impressed they were with our ability to remove the sand).

Again NO-DES Technology Removed Heavy Buildups of Iron & Manganese

Providence, RI | 2014

Again NO-DES Technology Removed Heavy Buildups of Iron and Manganese and Won a Big Contract – 2014 Providence RI – NO-DES was selected to compete in a run-off (worth over $300,000 in contracts) against Ice Pigging.  Both companies were asked to clean a 1,000 ft section of 8″ main (on two different streets but in the same area); this area had never been flushed in over 140 years.  NO-DES set-up, flushed and rolled-off in less than two hours – Turbidities max’ed out over 3,000 NTU”s – No customers were affected.  The Ice Piggers shut down the water main (and services) on their street – They were on site (with the water off) until 8 pm that same night – Lots of customer complaints.  NO-DES got the contract!

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