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NO-DES International PTY LTD

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NO-DES International specializes in water mains cleaning technology to deliver exceptional solutions to meet evolving customer expectations. 

We work closely with Australian and New Zealand utilities to streamline customer operations and improve productivity. The NO-DES technology and our collaborative approach to mains cleaning is used by innovative utilities as an effective solution when dealing with issues such as nitrification, elevated turbidity and low chlorines. 

At NO-DES International, our specialised knowledge is supported by more than 28 years' experience in water management. Our cutting edge solutions combined with eight locations across Australia and New Zealand empowers our customers to enrich service levels and increase visibility. 

Simply stated, we understand the challenges and can provide ‘targeted opportunities’ that improve water quality, productivity and deliver value.

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Contact us

for more information:


1300 722 835



0800 100 899 


Chris Wilkinson

(559) 799-8415

Russell Primack


(516) 965-4604​

Barry Srebnick

Chief Financial Officer

Ohm Kongtang

Director of Sales & Contract Operations

(909) 645-6441


Jesse Wilkinson

General Manager (Manufacturing)

(505) 916-1213

Kristina Mahakian
HR/Payroll Specialist

(818) 495-5269

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