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Bio-film & Nitrification Issues

NO-DES Technology Removed Biological Buildups

Novato, CA | December 5th, 2008


At our first demonstration in Novato CA (at the old Birkenstock’s factory) on December 5th, 2008 for North Marin Water District; NO-DES was tasked to flush a dead end 8″ AC water main that had tested at over 3,000 HPC’s (Heterotrophic Plate Count) just prior to our NO-DES flushing demo (remember that our NO-DES equipment was first designed to only remove sediment and particulates), so we were quite worried.  The water being flushed through our NO-DES equipment could be seen by all as it passed through the clear turbidity meter de-bubblier container – It was bright orange and maxed out at 147 NTU’s, but within 15 minutes from the start of our flushing run, the NTU,s passed down below 1 NTU and we were finish with the flush.  We received a standing ovation from all 37 attendees (which included several representatives from the California Department of Health Services).  We were later informed that the end of flush demo HPC test came back at 6 HPC’s – This meant that we could now even remove biological materials and were most efficient at flushing/re-refreshing dead-ends!

NO-DES Technology Removed Bio-Films and Solved Nitrification Issues

Hillsborough, CA | 2010


While performing three separate trials in Hillsborough CA in early 2010 (for the California Dept of Public Health) to gain approval towards our first NO-DES truck sale; We found that Hillsborough had issues with bio-film formation that was depleting the chlorine component of their chloramine residuals.  This left the free ammonia component to feed the bio-film and thus creating nitrification issues.  Hillsborough was only hydrant flushing to waste to rid the water of free ammonia (and they couldn’t get rid of the bio-film through hydrant flushing) – To top it off, they only had so much of a purchase water allotment making hydrant flushing to waste, extremely expensive; and now that their supply was getting lower (because of the drought) thing were getting worse.  Note: a compounding issue was that Hillsborough is a very hilly community with no curbs and gutters and hydrant flushing was damaging lots of landscaping!   NO-DES came in and proved that we could remove bio-film more efficiently than any other type of flushing method (and while saving water) – Plus we could test the water with a hand-held free ammonia meter then add just enough chlorine to kill the now exposed bio-film; and also add enough chlorine to re-combine with the remaining free ammonia to re-institute their chloramine residual.  NO-DES solved their water supply, bio-film, low residual free ammonia and nitrification issues all at once!


Yakima, WA | 2017

We just completed a week of NO-DES flushing up in Yakima WA (for Nob Hill Water) in April.  Nob hill had extremely high concentrations of bio-film, etc. on the insides of their distribution water mains.  Just prior to our arrival, Nob Hill crews hydrant flushed (conventionally flushed to waste) a section of 6″ & 8″  AC main; then removed a short length of the same flushed main to see how well their hydrant flushing method removed the bio-film (it did not).   Unbeknownst to us, we flushed the exact same section of main on our first day of our NO-DES flushing trial week.  Nob Hill then removed another short length of the same main, and found that it was pristine clean (we had efficiently removed all of the Bio-film).  So Nob Hill ordered a NO-DES trailer unit that week (we are currently building their trailer unit for a delivery in July 2017).

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